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Lime Layer Cake with Rose Buttercream Icing

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Cakes | 0 comments

I was inspired by the Middle Eastern flavours of this recipe by Rachel Allen, but I wanted a double-layered cake instead of a single layer, soaking cake.

Lime Rose Cake

Plus, I’d gotten myself a bottle of rose water last year and this was the first time I got to use it!

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Easy Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Cakes, Chocolate, Easter | 0 comments

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate Spring, rebirth  and bunnies. (I am aware of the religious significance of Easter, but this is hardly the blog for such matters.) And in the spirit of renewal, this recipe is really a rehash of the chocolate cupcakes used in my Halloween Cupcakes of Lost Souls. From death to life — how poetic!

Easter Cupcakes (1)

Simply whip up a batch of the chocolate cupcakes. Then as the cupcakes cool, whip up a rudimentary but very yummy chocolate buttercream icing:

Cream 200g butter with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Then beat in 350g icing sugar and 50g unsweetened cocoa, sifted. Finally, thin the icing to a spreadable consistency with some milk, approximately 2 tablespoons.

I used a 1M tip to pipe a sort of nest on top of the cupcakes. Lay (geddit?) in some chocolate eggs and finish off with a final strewing of rainbow sprinkles.

Easter Cupcakes (2)

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Apple Granola Muffins

Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 in Muffins & Other Quick Breads, Rambles | 0 comments

I think it’s about time I give up the pretence. In the recent past, muffins were just a way to use up stale granola. Now I find that they’re just meant to be together. Crunchy granola is a great counterpart to soft and fluffy muffins.

Apple Granola Muffins

And, if you choose your granola flavours wisely, you’ll end up with great pairings. Case in point, an simple apple muffin, but jazzed up with cinnamon raisin granola!

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Basics #16: Melting Chocolate

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Basics, Chocolate | 0 comments

If you’ve ever needed to melt chocolate, chances are you’ve screwed it up at least once. Seized chocolate due to overheating is one of the more revolting things on Earth (I exaggerate, of course). And burning chocolate can just be heartbreaking, especially if you’ve decided to splurge on a quality bar.

Fortunately, melting chocolate is not difficult at all. The principle behind it is — low and slow. And there is a proper way of doing this. (There is also a cheaty shortcut method, but read on for the textbook way first.)

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Ice Cream Cone Cake

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Chocolate, Rambles | 0 comments

This cake needed to be spectacular. It not only celebrated the birthday of a new baby girl, but her father’s birthday too. (And turns out it’s perfect for Easter as well!)

Ice Cream Cone Cake

I also went to town with the flavours and colours. The cake is a basic vanilla sponge dyed pink (for girls!). There are four layers in this cake, held together with raspberry jam and chocolate buttercream icing, all complementary flavours. To add some crunch, I sandwiched some toasted almonds in the middle layer. The ice cream cones add the celebratory element, as does the pink fluffy icing masquerading as ice cream. To symbolise new life (and for Easter), there are chocolate eggs resting in an almond nest smack in the middle of the cake.

Wondering how I put this multi-celebration cake together? Read on.

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