CAROL and RUTH are the dynamic duo behind the successful lifestyle blog QuirkyChic. I’ve known them since university and they’re extremely sweet girls with a keen eye for fashion trends. Collaborating with them on our monthly Baking Adventures  is really a great excuse to meet up and have fun in the kitchen!


EMO.DA:NS (aka YONGHUAY) has been a good friend for the last 5 years. She’s always up to something creative, whether it be dancing, craftwork, blogging, and (you guessed it) baking. It’s a tradition of ours to bake a whole load of pineapple tarts for the Lunar New Year, though she sometimes complains it’s like a factory assembly line!


DYWN are a couple. A couple of obsessed foodies, that is. Sorry I can’t divulge their identities, but they want to remain incognito so they can continue to scope out unsuspecting eating places. It’s their strategy for getting the most objective and realistic dining experience possible. You can check out their honest and direct reviews at W.T.F.


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