Hello Again

I’m breaking my silence after a good 15 months. I never meant to spend so much time away from my blog, but, you know, life always gets in the way. And with a full-time job where I’m assuming more and more responsibilities, little luxuries of life, like basicbakes.com, fall by the wayside.

That’s not to say I’ve stopped baking. Thankfully, there’s always time for that in my life. Just blogging about my bakes became a chore. I’ve maintained the site because I know many of you are still using my recipes and techniques, and I know many more discover them everyday. But in 2015, after 3 years of Basic Bakes and over 200 recipes later, I felt I had nothing new to say.

In a way, the hiatus from blogging was much needed. The break allowed me to be more adventurous, more daring with my bakes, because I didn’t necessarily had to have a blog-ready recipe in the end.

And so, in 2016, I ventured into areas of baking I’d previously sworn off.

I tried and finally, after many failed attempts, made passable macarons. So passable, in fact, that I dared to make them for a friend’s weddings. (Not the ones in the picture below. These were funfetti, white chocolate macarons that I made for… fun.)

I’ve been trying new recipes too, like doughnuts and cheese tarts. And just generally being more playful with my bakes. I made a cake look like a dinosaur bone excavation site, and, in another cake, even hid a Bluetooth speaker!

I also (and this was shock to me as well) dabbled in fondant, having previously been very vocal about hating it. I have yet to cover an entire cake in fondant, because I still think it doesn’t taste very good. But I’ve come to respect its impressive possibilities for small cake decorations. I now own a tub of white fondant and a sizable, growing collection of molds.

I’ve also grown fond of making chiffons and other meringue-based cakes as well. I love their lightness and spongy texture. And the assortment of flavour possiblities! Angel food, pandan, peanut butter, citrus, matcha (pictured below)… I’ve even made a bouncy Japanese cotton cheesecake.

Also meringue-based, I’m now a huge fan of Swiss and Italian meringue buttercreams. True, they won’t crust the same way an American-style buttercream does, but the meringue buttercreams are so smooth and luxurious tasting. More importantly, they are far less sweet, so you can eat much more of them without getting sick. I still have use for American-style buttercream, but for filling and covering cakes, I now turn to the meringue-based buttercreams. More importantly, I have such an easy shortcut to make them that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Yes, I’m stocked up on new recipes, techniques and baking stories. As you may have noticed, I’ve given basicbakes.com a small spruce-up. And I’m really looking forward to posting new content. I can’t promise that new posts will be regular, but I can promise you, this will not be the last post of 2017. Hello again, and see you soon!

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  • Hi Lyn, definitely! I’ve noted it on my recipes to post and it’ll be up on Basic Bakes at some point. Thanks for your support!

  • Welcome back Dan, some great looking bakes featured here. Any chance of the recipe for that stunning Matcha cake?

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