Have a Gilded Christmas!

Here’s a way to glitz up your food gifts this Christmas: with a touch of gold!

I’ve been obsessed with edible gold paint lately. It’s not always a conscious decision – sometimes I look at a bake and I think ‘This needs something,’ and instinctively reach for a paintbrush and my tiny pot of gold metallic food paint. Like when I made these spritz cookies for a friend’s baby’s first-month celebration.


They were pink and a pretty shape, but just looked flat. (I know cookies are supposed to be flat, but that’s not what I’m talking about, you know?) But with a lick of gold paint, they looked much more special.

Same story with last week’s millionaire’s shortbread post. Just a few strokes of gold paint to take these chocolate-caramel bars from Trump-rich to Bill-Gates affluence.

And sometimes I design a bake around gold details. Like this wedding cake (second one this year!) I made recently for a friend.


On the bride’s request, I designed a three-tiered cake around vintage-esque scrollwork. In gold, of course. (I’ll do a proper post on the cake once I have the photographer’s pictures.)

Here’s a scaled-down version I made just last week for a friend’s birthday. It’s a chocolate mud cake covered in ganache and decorated with (you guessed it!) gold scrolls.


I just took a paintbrush and gold paint directly to the set ganached cake. For the wedding cake, the scrollwork is piped on, then painted in gold so that the pattern is raised. (Excuse the shoddy scrollwork on the chocolate cake, I’m still learning!)

If you can’t find edible gold paint, try getting edible gold lustre dust which is much easier to get. Pop some in a small dish and add some clear alcohol (like vodka) or an extract with alcohol (like vanilla or lemon) to turn the lustre dust into paint. Works the same way!

So have a look through my Christmas posts and see what food gifts you could be gilding this Christmas!

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