Two-Tone Icing

So over this weekend I baked five dozen cupcakes set to the theme SG50.

It’s Singapore’s 50th year of independence and the country’s gone quite mad celebrating the golden jubilee. But these cupcakes were for the birth of a golden jubilee baby, and that is the best reason to celebrate SG50.

So here’s the cupcake I designed for the occasion –it’s a simple vanilla sponge, topped with a white and red buttercream icing swirl and festooned with tiny sugar stars.

SG50 Cupcakes

The challenge for me was the two-toned icing. My concern was the colours emerging unevenly or bleeding (literally, since one of them is red!) into each other. So before starting, I did a little Internet research.

I found that most online tutorials were quite unhelpful. They gave vague instructions which pretty much amounted to shoving both colours into a piping bag and hoping for the best.

In the end, I found the best and cleanest method is the double-bag technique from Wilton. Here’s a great video of a stiff Wilton instructor demonstrating how “easy and fun” it is to create two-toned icing. (Oh, it’s easy, alright. Maybe not that fun, but I’ll get to it in a bit.)

I love how simple this method is. Two disposable piping bags, two coloured icings, shove them into another bag and pipe. The two colours come out evenly and clearly with little to no mixing.

The not-fun part? Piping with three bags can be tough. You have to put quite a lot of pressure to squeeze icing out of three bags simultaneously. My hand was aching badly at the 60th cupcake. Make sure your icing is a medium to soft consistency and avoid packing too much icing into the bags and you should fare better.

That being said, it is a great technique for two-tone and much cleaner than the one-bag method. I’m sure this technique works great with three or more icing colours, but be prepared to squeeze hard!

And finally, here’s the display I created for the party:


If I had more time I’d add some mini red bunting to the tiers, but I think I filled the brief to a tee!

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