Cookie Monster Cake

This Cookie Monster cake is really a cobbling together of older Basic Bakes recipes.

Cookie Monster Cake

Make two layers of moist chocolate cake from My Most Reliable Chocolate Cake recipe.

To fill the middle part of this cake, there can only be Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Icing. Make one recipe’s worth and divide it in half. Use one half to fill the cake.

For the other half, mix in one egg and 150g of all-purpose flour. Divide into golf-ball sized portions and bake in a preheated-175°C (350°F) for 20 minutes.

To ice, make up a batch of my standard buttercream icing using shortening instead of butter to get a pure white icing. Save some back for the eyes and borders and dye the rest a vibrant royal blue. Crumb-coat the cake with the blue icing and refrigerate until the icing is dry to the touch.

Print out a picture of Cookie Monster’s head and cut it out. Lay it on top of the cake and use a short, sharp knife to carve off the extra. (It should only be the bits on the left and right sides of his eyes.) Take more blue icing and ice the cake smooth all over.

Use black icing to draw on Cookie Monster’s enormous semi-circular mouth. (I use a store-bought black icing because it’s a truer black than one you make on your own.) Using a grass piping tip (Wilton #233), pipe on Cookie Monster’s fur. I then use a small open star tip (Wilton #18) to pipe on the eyes and the border.

Slice one of the cookies you baked earlier in half and stick it in Cookie Monster’s mouth. (Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom.)

And you’re done!

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