Raspberry Brownies

Here is another play on my base Best Brownies Ever recipe. Instead of walnuts, I added whole raspberries for a tart and juicy surprise in the middle.

Rasperry Brownies

I’ll admit it’s not a revolutionary pairing — chocolate and raspberry — but it’s a great one. Timely too, especially since it’s berry season.


Again, I used my Wilton silicone brownie mold for bite-sized pieces, halved the recipe and plopped halved raspberries in each cavity. Feel free to use the original recipe in an 8-inch pan and just dot the brownie with whole raspberries.

For such a tiny substitution, the flavour payoff is ridiculous. It’s rich chocolate cut through with sharp tasting berries. Quite sophisticated tasting, actually.

I loved this pairing so much that I made one for a friend’s wedding gift. I baked a whole brownie off, studded with raspberries, in a tiny heart-shaped tart pan.

Raspberry brownie heart

(Glad you loved it, R&S! And congratulations on your marriage!)

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