Welcome Back Brownies

I hadn’t made brownies in the longest while, which is a huge travesty since I’m pretty sure my brownie recipe is the best one ever! So I had a colleague who was returning back to work after taking a month-long sick leave to recover from an appendicitis operation. So I thought what better way to welcome him back then with a box full of brownies?

Welcome Back Brownies

And just to do something different with my brownies, I decided to add in cornflakes instead of walnuts. Pretty interesting results, and as always, mega-delicious!

So making these brownies pretty straightforward. I just used my Best Brownies Ever recipe, but replaced the walnuts with an equivalent weight of cornflakes.

Mixing in cornflakes

I wasn’t expecting the cornflakes to be crunchy since they’d soak up the moisture in the brownie batter, but I thought they’d give the brownies an interesting gritty texture. (Which they did.)

I also halved the recipe because I was using my Wilton mini brownie silicone mould. (The same pan I used for my Brownie Bites with Peanut Butter Centres.)

Cornflake Brownies (2)

I don’t normally ice my brownies, but in this case, I had a piping bag full of pink icing left over from making my epic Ice Cream Cone Cake.

Frosted brownies

If you don’t have the same Wilton pan that I do, just follow the original recipe amounts for an 8-inch square tin. The icing is just my “less-sweet” cooked buttercream icing (because the brownies are pretty sweet on their own accord), just with a few drops of red added to dye it pink.

Heart-shaped aluminium tin is, of course, entirely optional.

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