Mini Yule Log Cake

At Christmas, gift-giving can be a dicey business. Give a gift that’s too big or too expensive, and you risk making your giftee feel ashamed and embarrassed, and maybe even annoyed now that he or she has to fork out even more money than expected to reciprocate. Give a lesser gift, and you end up looking like a tightwad.

Mini Log Cakes

That’s why I feel these mini yule log cakes strike the right balance. Last year, I was so excited to make yule log cakes for the first time, and of course, to give them out as gifts. Although in retrospect, giving each of my giftees a whole log cake was a tad overdoing it. So– downsize!

These mini log cakes are simply half the size of my original log cake recipe. Not only do they have the cute factor going for them, you also save time making them because you get two cakes from every log.

The only other thing I did differently this year was to keep texture in mind. The sponge is soft. The icing is soft too. So the cake needed something crunchy for contrast. So I’ve been filling my log cakes with all manner of crunchy things – cornflakes, crushed digestive biscuits, granola, etc.


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