Gilded Fruit Cake

Okay, okay, calm down. I know I promised a new recipe in my last post, but this is the last repeat recipe for now. (I swear.) I have a whole load of photographs still in my camera which I haven’t sorted through and edited, but those are a whole batch of new recipes.

Gold Fruit Cake (1)

This cake is boiled fruit cake that I normally make for Christmas, topped with the golden raspberries that I used in my fancy chocolate mousse dessert for last year’s Christmas dinner.

It was a birthday cake for colleague who I know loves her bling. It wasn’t a terribly difficult cake to put together. I just made the cake as per normal, made a little bit of buttercream icing laced with orange zest for the top, and painted the raspberries gold. Then I just slapped everything together, tied it up with a couple of ribbons, and added a sprinkling of edible gold dust.

Next post is a new recipe. Double-promise.

Gold Fruit Cake (2)

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