[Guest Post] No High at this Society

Dan: Dywn are an unassuming couple, a perfect cover for the food reviews they do. Fortunately, they like my baking, so with some Rocky Road Brownies I managed to get them to agree to writing reviews on whatever baked good they come across in their dining-out exploits. That way, you’ll know where the hits are, and where to give a miss.

I’ve been wanting to check out High Society for awhile, after spying their pretty cupcakes neatly arranged in rows behind a glass counter. The opportunity finally presented itself when we happened to be in the vicinity of an outlet and with time to spare. What better way to while time away than with a ‘High-Tea’ 😛

Alas, we were sorely disappointed. Nothing about that tea (be it our pot of cringe-worthy bitter Earl Grey, or our selection of pastries) got us high. For the price we were paying, I’ve never had worse tea (the beverage). Give me our own local Gryphon, or TWG, any day.

For a posh (read: expensive) place, we didn’t expect them to confuse “macaroons” with “macarons.” What’s the difference? Macaroons are small cake-like or meringue-like cookies, usually made of egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds or coconut. French macarons, although made of more or less the same ingredients, are colourful, crumbly cookies commonly sandwiched with ganache, buttercream or jam. The two look nothing alike. Now you know.

We decided to skip over the confused confection. However, our order of a Green Tea cupcake with passionfruit curd turned out dry and crumbly. The slight tartness of the fruity curd barely breathed life into an otherwise insipid cake.

Their dark chocolate and mint cake – awkwardly named “Boss”– failed to win us over as well. I’m a huge fan of both dark chocolate and mint, and it’s hard to go wrong when both flavours are so complementary. But “Boss” just didn’t deliver an experience; merely segmented tastes. (After Eight chocolate mints, anyone?) So we fired him. And High Society too, where desserts are concerned.


The Shoppes at MBS
2 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018972


Dywn are the proud owners of food-blog W.T.F. where they glorify their great dining experiences and outright bitch about the bad ones. For Basic Bakes readers, they vow to give first-hand, no-nonsense commentaries of baked goods they come across in cafes, patisseries, bakeries and the like. 

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