Egg Tarts in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong a little while back for a short vacation. I’m no stranger to the Pearl of the Orient, but this time round I had a little guidance from an excellent post by Carol, who’s one-half of QuirkyChic duo. Among Carol’s many spot-on recommendations, she wrote, “nothing beats Tai Cheong egg tarts at Lyndhurst Street.” That sounded like something I just couldn’t miss, so one sweltering afternoon, my traveling companion and I made the long sweaty trek uphill to get some of those “unbeatable” egg tarts.

As you can see, the Tai Cheong egg tart is rather humble looking. But don’t let its plain-Jane looks fool you – this egg tart is basic baking at its best.

The crust was beautifully crumbly and buttery, though a tad too thick if I had to be picky. But it’s the custard that’s the star. It’s extremely smooth and luscious, almost tricking you into thinking it’s still molten. And this egg custard does what it says on the tin – it tastes eggy instead of just cloying, yet still sweet enough to convince you it’s still a dessert.

This is definitely something I’ll be attempting on my own in the near future.

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