Baking Adventures (Part 2): Apple Crumble

There are few recipes that are as foolproof as crumble. If you can mush (highly technical baking term here) things between your fingers, you can make crumble. This no-fuss apple crumble is so simple to make that after editing we only had enough footage to make a 3-minute video!


There’s almost no way to get this recipe wrong. The crumble topping is meant to look like a mess and you don’t even have to cut the apples perfectly because they soften into delicious, syrupy lumps.

This recipe is also perfect to get kids involved in baking because they can have fun squishing the butter into the crumble topping ingredients. (Daddies and mommies should still be the ones cutting the apples though!)

Crumbles can also be made well in advance, especially if you’re throwing a huge dinner party and want to get dessert out of the way early. Just make the topping, dump it in a resealable plastic bag and toss that into the freezer. (You can do this up to a week in advance.) When you want to make the crumble, just cut up the apples and toss them into your baking dish with the sugar, flour and cinnamon. Cover the apples with your pre-made crumble topping, breaking up any large clumps, and bake as per the directions. Easy!

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