Hi there! This blog is for any amateur baker out there, from rank beginners who need their fears allayed, to enthusiasts (like myself) looking to hone your skills.Here, you’ll find a series of posts called “Basics” which contain useful tidbits of baking knowledge. There’ll also be recipes, all very simple and easy to accomplish (because I’d have it no other way).

I’m a guy who fell into baking because he needed some way of expressing warmth and care when words would often fail him. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to share oven-fresh muffins with friends and family, or to present them with birthday cakes made from scratch. And it’s so easy to brighten up someone’s day just by presenting him or her with a homemade cookie. Seriously, baking is the answer to world peace.

I’ve been baking for a little over six years now. I’ve not had any professional training or attended any classes. But I’ve learned hugely from a gazillion hours of cooking shows, stacks of recipe books, and just pure trial-and-error. And I’m still learning more every time I turn on the oven! This blog shares my knowledge of and experiences with baking in a manner very accessible to newbies.

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