Basics #1: Why Weight?

If I had to pick out the single most important piece of baking equipment for the novice baker, it wouldn’t be a good quality pan or a heavy-duty mixer with 12 speeds. Heck, it wouldn’t even be a good oven. If I really had to choose the one key thing for good baking, I’d pick the humble weighing scale.

So why the weighing scale? Well, it has to do with consistency.

One way of baking uses volumetric cups. But the problem with the cup measurement is how amazingly inaccurate it can be. Cups are fine when you’re dealing with liquids, but when it comes to dry ingredients like flour, your quantities can be off by up to 50%!

When you sift flour, you reduce its density by introducing air. The result is sifted flour will take up more space. In other words, your cup of sifted flour actually contains less flour than if you had scooped straight out from a jar. This variability has a significant impact on the quality of your confections.

To cut out some of the guesswork from baking, weigh out your ingredients instead. That way, you’ll be certain that you’re using the same amount of ingredients every time. That’s key to having a successful bake.

And the main reason why I love using a scale instead of cups? Less washing up!

Get yourself a weighing scale with a digital readout for accuracy and a tare function to save you doing complicated maths every time you want to bake. Also, I’d pick grams over ounces just because it’s more accurate. is a great resource for baking recipes, especially because you can easily convert ingredient quantities into grams (metric). Or if you have a recipe that calls for cups, you can easily find cups-to-grams conversion tables or tools online.

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